L2VR was born in 2014. With over 50 years of combined experience in Visual and Special effects, our founders are developing bleeding edge professional Virtual Reality cinematic camera technologies.

Lance Lones - CEO & Chief Scientist

Lance specializes in all aspects of our Cinematic VR rocket science technologies. He's worked on the visual effects of a range of films from "Lord of the Rings" to "Avatar", and most enjoys building new technologies for filmmakers. He also flies warplanes on the weekends, which makes our insurers and lawyers really nervous.

Warren Beaton - Chief Designer

Warren is a special effects guru with credits on films like "The Matrix" and 'Lord of the Rings", and delights in blowing stuff up in the most cinematic way possible. He also happens to be an A level designer who has brought our camera systems to a place that the folks at NASA would be proud of.